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Custom Jewelry


Ralphs Jewelry proudly offers its customers the ability to design their own jewelry. Whether you would like to alter a current design to your specific taste, or begin creating your own piece from scratch, Ralphs Jewelry will be able to make your idea come to life. There are various different methods that are we able to create your design. Our staff will be able to suggest the best method in relation to the design that you wish to create. We are confident that we will be able to make ANY idea come to fruition, and that you will be pleased with your final product

Step 1 : Your Design
The designing process begins with you. Whether it is an idea of a piece you have thought to create, a sketch you may already have, or even a photo of a piece you would like to recreate, Ralphs Jewelry will assist in creating your unique custom design and tailor it to your specifications. In addition to its design, you will also select the specifics such as metal type (white gold, yellow gold, or platinum) and Color Gem Stones or Diamonds.

Step 2 : Picking the Best Method
Depending on the uniqueness of the piece, a specialist will determine whether it will be made by hand or CAD. Then create the custom piece of your dreams!!!